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The president greeting

To be a university that spreads its wings to soar out into the world with the community

In April of this year, 2018, Wakayama Medical University will initiate its 3rd interim plan setting concrete objectives for the next 6 years. As we work toward the major milestone of the 80th anniversary of the founding of this university in 2025, it is as if we were making a new start under the slogan “To be a university that spreads it wings to soar out into the world with the community”.

Enhancement of education

While providing high-level specialized education, this university has developed a wide variety of education in community medicine, health preservation, and welfare, and in doing so, it has contributed to the cultivation of the qualifications to respond to the broader needs of people with respect to health and illness as medical personnel. We train healthcare professionals who turn a stern eye toward disease but a gentle eye toward the “person who has the disease”. Moreover, we train healthcare professionals who have developed an international perspective through practice in a medical education program based on international standards (WFMG) as well as through global exchange. By enhancing the School of Medicine’s Basic Medical Practicum and promoting the MD-PhD course, we seek to cultivate a research mind through undergraduate education.

Enhancement of research

By enhancing the Graduate School of Medicine’s Medical Research Course and Health Nursing Course, we aim to promote high-level medical research in basic medicine, clinical medicine, and health nursing. Moreover, by enhancing the Health Care and Nursing Sciences Masters Program through the addition of the planned new Pharmaceutical Research Course, we aim to make our hospital into a core clinical research hospital with a research support system strengthened by establishment of a research administrator (URA) and improvement of the Clinical Research Center, to promote higher-level research.

Enhancement of leading-edge medicine and community medicine

Not only do we aim to make Wakayama Medical University Hospital the most advanced medical institution in Wakayama Prefecture, we also aim to have it be an institution with a message for the world. Beginning with cancer – the most important health challenge for the citizens of Wakayama Prefecture – we will enhance our system for treating major diseases with the latest therapies. Through expansion of cutting-edge facilities, including updating of the latest surgical support robot Da Vince, the latest radiotherapy equipment for treating cancer, and hybrid operating rooms, we will contribute to medicine in and beyond our medical care zone.
Improving community medicine is also one of the most important challenges for our university as a prefectural medical university. While promoting remote outpatient visits and remote conferences through the use of a teleconferencing system in cooperation with medical facilities in the prefecture and community, we will promote a strengthening of our partnerships with other rescue medical institutions through the utilization of a remote emergency treatment support system using ICT as the main pillar of emergency and critical care treatment covering the entire prefecture by medical helicopter. In addition, by promoting further utilization of Seishu Link, we will promote cooperation among medical institutions through sharing of medical information. While promoting the enhancement of the medical treatment system of Kihoku Hospital, we will upgrade its functions as a flagship hospital in the education of doctors specializing in general medicine.
As a concrete strategy for improving the medical treatment system along the lines of community needs, we will promote the “Kuroshio Project” action plan. In addition to striving to improve community medical care by sending medical university teachers directly to key regional hospitals, we will aim to further enhance community medical care by supporting these key regional hospitals through the education of young doctors to staff them and the conduct of clinical research rooted in the community.

Toward becoming a comprehensive medical university

The School of Pharmaceutical Science will open in 2021. It will be the birth of our third undergraduate school, joining the existing School of Medicine and School of Health and Nursing Science. This will present a golden opportunity for building Wakayama Medical University into a comprehensive medical university. The wisdom of the entire university has been marshaled toward the establishment of the new School of Pharmaceutical Science. We aim to make the kinds of improvements in education, research, and treatment that only a university with three undergraduate schools (medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and health and nursing sciences) can achieve.

Calling all young people filled with passion!

The future of medicine and the future of this university are in the hands of you young people. Our university, which is now aiming to become a comprehensive medical university, is endeavoring to spread its wings widely, along with you young people. I call out to you, people who aim to become doctors, people who aim to become medical researchers, people who aim to become nurses, public health nurses, and birthing assistants, and doctors who wish to undergo further training. Our university has created an environment under which the power of the young can be freely exhibited, and we welcome young people filled with passion. Won’t you join us as we work together with the young to create a unique university that is a leader in education, research, and treatment?

April 1, 2018
President of Wakayama Medical University
Kazuhisa Miyashita