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Message from the Dean of the School of Health and Nursing Science

Aiming for the Brightening Future of School of Health and Nursing Science
---Toward Improvement of Community Based Medicine and Medical Care in Line with the Age of Globalization---

School of Health and Nursing Science, developed from 3-year Nursing College founded in 1996, was established in 2004. The aim of our school is “to foster excellent qualified health and nursing human resources who can respond to diversified and advanced health, medical and welfare services,” “to play an important role and fulfill the good function as an area core institution with education, research and training in Wakayama prefecture related to these fields” and thereby “to contribute to the improvement of the health and welfare of local communities and the progress of humanity.” This concept has been heightened the comprehensive medicine to meet the needs of advanced and various medical cares which are required for modern medicine in the community. In order to foster more advanced and specialized medical personnel, our school established Master’s Program of Graduate School and Midwifery Program in 2008, and Doctoral Program in 2013. In addition, we established Cancer nurse course which can be Certified Nurse Specialist (CNS) in the Master’s program in 2014. Now we have greatly developed as a nursing faculty in 10 years since the opening of the school.

After graduation of our school, Bachelor’s degree is awarded as proof of completing a 4-year university. In addition, in order to maintain and improve the level of university education, it is necessary to have high quality human resources training that nurses should have the ability to establish the community comprehensive care systems, to promote of multi-disciplinary collaboration and team medical care, and to respond to social changes such as requests for further medical safety. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has compiled “Nursing Education Model Core Curriculum” in October 2017 to contribute to the enhancement of nurse training education in the undergraduate course and the quality assurance for the society. We believe that this model core curriculum is in line with our school’s founding spirit. As a 4-year university, we aim to provide a concrete educational program with the goal of acquiring nursing practical ability that is suitable for a bachelor’s degree, and aim to become a brilliant health and nursing faculty that will develop toward the future.

We emphasize the active learning of university students, respect the student’s independent curriculum, and have also focused on international exchange programs for medical care in line with the age of globalization. We hope each student in our school will be able to live a full-fledged student life that can cultivate a care mind for people and acquire a wide range of education. We also hope our students will become a brilliant student who can acquire the spirit of comprehensive and holistic nursing based on ethics. We want our students seek “Eichi,” which means “deep intelligence, good wisdom, the best cognitive ability to capture the truth.”

Toshihiko YANAGAWA
Dean of the School of Health and Nursing Science
Wakayama Medical University