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School of Health and Nursing Science

The School of Health and Nursing Science has defined the following five academic goals for its students.

  1. Students will develop respect for life, become well-versed in a variety of academic fields, and develop a sense of humanity and a highly ethical mind.
  2. Students will learn to appreciate individuality and develop effective communication skills, appreciate each and every individual they have the opportunity to meet as a whole person, and build trusting relationships with other people.
  3. Students will learn to be cooperative, good team players.
  4. Students will learn to become life-long learners, so they can keep up with the changes in the world and accommodate various rising needs in the society. 
  5. Students will develop their practical skills and creativity by building up highly specialized knowledge and learning to think scientifically and logically.

The main characteristics of the curriculum

The curriculum in the School of Health and Nursing Sciences Department is divided into the following three areas: "Liberal Arts and Humanity,"Fundamentals of Health and Nursing Science," and "Specialized Studies in Health and Nursing." Courses are structured to allow for cross-sectional and integrated study of all three areas.

Wide range of liberal arts courses and basic education

Nursing and healthcare professionals need to be able to understand people as whole persons and possess certain personal qualities such as kindness and being considerate. Classes in the liberal arts and humanity areas are offered to help students turn into individuals who have an insatiable appetite for learning and are ethical and considerate. These courses are also designed for the students to develop superior communication skills. Students can choose from a wide range of electives, depending on their interests.