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Graduate School of Medicine

Graduate School of Medicine (doctorate program with a capacity of 31 students) was accredited in March of 1956. Ever since its inception, the philosophy of the program centers around the idea "Great researches give birth to great doctors." That philosophy has not changed; rather, it has gained in its importance in the 21st century medicine, which has become highly sophisticated and has been subdivided into numerous areas. We aim to support our students to turn into highly capable professionals with sound knowledge, a sense of ethics, and ability to conduct research on theory and its application independently. Since its inception, the program has awarded 421 ABD (All But Dissertation) degrees and 849 doctors degrees (as of March 2010), many of whom are currently working as successful professionals in various fields. Major revisions have been made to the program to meet the changes in the medical research and treatment fields and to move in the direction of integration. The original vertically structured program with 5 majors (Physiology, Pathology, Social Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Surgical Medicine) was abolished. In turn, a new program with three majors (Regional Healthcare, Structural and Functional Medicine, and Organo-Therapeutics and Pathology) was launched in April of 2005. Major revisions were also made to the 9 areas and 46 subjects the program offers, and the enrolment capacity has been increased to 42.Master's program in Medical Sciences was launched at the same time, reinforcing the university's capacity to contribute to the medical treatment and healthcare in the community.