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The Department of Plastic Surgery

Introduction of the department

The Department of Plastic Surgery is a new department and Dr. Shinichi Asamura was assigned as the first professor on July 1st, 2015. There are a small number of plastic surgery specialists and facilities that indicate the plastic surgery department as a medical treatment department in Wakayama prefecture. Currently, all staff unite and work on prevalence and education of plastic surgery medical treatment.


Our department is studying the following subjects.

1. Development of minimally invasive surgery in the plastic surgery field.
2. Establishment of an objective evaluation method of visual function in a ptosis operation.
3. Basic research related to the development mechanism of eyelid and eye socket.
4. Establishment of a treatment method for angioma and vascular malformation.
5. Development of a regeneration inducing treatment method for facial bone fracture.
6. Development of a treatment method in a manner of regenerative medicine for intractable ulcer.


Educational goal for residents

In plastic surgery, our goal is to accurately grasp a disease state such as an absence and deformation caused by various disorders including injury, tumor, and congenital abnormality and to be able to prepare an appropriate treatment plan.
Since plastic surgery is involved insurgical operations in all areas, we show the importance of team medical care and cooperation with individual departments. We promote further understanding of tissue hemodynamic and wound healing processes in the skin, cartilage and bone, which are the foundation of reconstructive surgery, and explain basic techniques of microsurgery and craniomaxillo-face surgery in lectures.