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Department of Laboratory Medicine

Profile of Department

The Department of Central Clinical Laboratory of Wakayama Medical University was established in 1962, and it set to work with education and a study as the university grows. Also, the clinical laboratory had been getting an important position in total medication as the change of the decades. Prof. Jiro Maeda was elected as an exclusive director of department of Central Clinical Laboratory in 1977, and the Clinical Laboratory Medicine was established in 1984.  After professor Maeda retired, Prof. Tokio Sanke was elected as a professor of this department in 1999.  After independence of department of pathology from the department in 2013, Professor Yoshitaka Okamura (also professor of the First department of Surgery), and then Professor Munehito Yoshida (also professor of the Orthopedic Surgery) carried both posts as professor of the department and the director of the Wakayama Medical University Hospital.  Then Prof. Takashi Akamizu (also professor of the First Department of Medicine) has elected as a professor of the department in April 2015. We have been working hard on providing education and medicine in order to contribute to development the Wakayama Medical University.

Summary of Education

We educate on the clinical laboratory medicine in general, and also how to process of laboratory testing to medical students.  We teach how to operate the ultrasonography (Abdomen and Thyroid gland) to postgraduate residents mainly.

Staff Introduction (since April 2015)

(also the First Department of Medicine)
Takashi Akamizu
Associate professo Machi Furuta
Assistant instructor Hiroyuki Yamaoka