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Second Department of Surgery


The Second Department of Surgery of Wakayama Medical University (WMU) seeks to develop new and reasonable therapy based on the priming mechanism of diseases and to establish the "For-the- Patients" surgical therapy. In particular, we are making efforts to develop surgical therapy for gastroenterological cancers through basic and clinical research of surgical oncology.

From the Head of the Department

Hiroki Yamaue, M.D, Ph.D,
Professor of Second Department of Surgery
of Wakayama Medical University

The Second Department of Surgery of WMU was established in 1956, by the first professor, Yukiyasu Nakao, M.D, Ph.D. Since then, we have been continuing progress through the years with the following professors, Masaharu Katsumi, M.D. Ph.D and Hiroshi Tanimura, M.D, Ph.D. We have proudly contributed to the medical services in Wakayama region by way of surgery for gastroenterological, pediatric, and endocrinal diseases.

Research Outline

As the part of WMU, the student's education is our first priority. The drive of the educational staffs will play a great role to cultivate the greater abilities of the graduates and, in the future, this will bear results in the research and clinical field in WMU.

Our educational course is created with the purpose of supporting students to obtain the individual ability to think, make decisions and solve the problems by themselves through the study of surgery.

Clinically, we are expected to serve the internationally-standard surgery, based on the evidence-based medicine (EBM). In this point of view, we think it is important to establish the original EBM by building up various clinical studies. This will be an essential part of WMU's outstanding history.

We are making a lot of progress in basic research which will be applicable to clinical services in the near future: gene therapy for the cancer, immunotherapy with the tumor-antigen peptides, DNA tips and microarrays to analyze the multiple genes which correlates to the sensitivity of anticancer agents. Our purpose is to supply highly progressive and newest medical services to all of the citizens in Wakayama prefecture.

The most important idea in our educational research and clinical services as described above is to share an understanding with our patients.

The principle we always share is saying "Be aggressive to the disease like Demon, be generous to the patients like God." We think it is important to be aggressive in the clinical and research work, but, at the same time, we will not forget that the ultimate purpose is to help patients who are mentally or physically sick. All of our research and studies are to achieve longer life and improve QOL of patients through the surgical treatments.

Each member of Second Department of Surgery of WMU will never stop improving oneself for the purpose of supplying the higher quality of medical services in Wakayama prefecture. We welcome and appreciate your advices and comments.

Educational Outline

Our research concentrates on the following subjects.

  1. Gene therapy for cancer
  2. Immunotherapy for cancer
  3. Chemotherapy for cancer
  4. Regeneration of the liver
  5. Genetic diagnosis for gastroenterological cancer
  6. Nutrition and gastroenterological cancer
  7. Causing factors of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)