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Department of Neurosurgery


1955 The first brain surgery was performed by Prof. Hiroshi Takebayashi at the operating theater of Wakayama Medical University (WMU).
1966 ~ 1977 Prof. Masuhisa Oka (the first Department of Surgery)
1977 Department of Neurological Surgery was founded in WMU.
1977 ~ 1993 Prof. Norihiko Komai
1994 ~ 2011 Prof. Toru Itakura
2011 ~ Prof. Naoyuki Nakao

Clinical activities and expertise

Our clinical activities cover the diagnosis and the treatment of a variety of neurosurgical diseases. Each staff works on the clinical specialties as follows.

  1. (1)Brain tumors

Meningioma, Pituitary adenoma, Neurinoma, Craniopharyngioma, Several types of skull base tumors, Glioma, Germ cell tumor, Malignant lymphoma, Metastatic brain tumor
Expertise: Minimally invasive skull base surgery, Endoscopic surgery for pituitary adenoma and skull base tumor

 (2) Cerebrovascular disorders

Cerebral aneurysm, AVM, Cerebral ischemic, Moyamoya disease, Intracerebral hemorrhage
Expertise: Endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular disorders (cerebral aneurysm coil embolization and carotid artery stenting)

(3) Spinal diseases

Cervical disc hernia, Cervical canal stenosis, Lumbar disc hernia, Lumber canal stenosis, Syringomyelia, Spinal tumor
Expertise: Less invasive microsurgery for spinal diseases

  1. (4)Functional neurosurgery

Hemifacial spasm, Trigeminal neuralgia, Involuntary movement, Parkinson’s disease, Intractable pain, Epilepsy
Expertise: Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson disease, Spinal cord stimulation for intractable pain, Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia and facial spasm, Surgery for refractory epilepsy

(5) Pediatric neurosurgery

Hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation, Meningocele, Spinal lipoma
Expertise: Endoscopic surgery for hydrocephalus and cystic lesions

  1. (6)Head injury

Acute subdural hematoma, acute epidural hematoma, and chronic subdural hematoma
Expertise: Therapeutic hypothermia for severe traumatic brain injury


Professor and Chairman Naoyuki Nakao Brain tumor surgery, Cerebrovascular surgery,
Skull base surgery, Endoscopic neurosurgery
Associate Professor Mitsuhiro Ogura Functional neurosurgery, Stereotactic surgery Surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Associate Professor Osamu Masuo Endovascular surgery, Cerebrovascular surgery
Associate Professor Kazuya Nishioka Spine surgery, Skull base surgery,
Associate Professor Kouji Fujita Brain tumor surgery, Endoscopic neurosurgery
Associate Professor Hiroki Nishibayashi Functional neurosurgery, Stereotactic surgery Epilepsy surgery
Associate Professor Junya Fukai Brain tumor surgery
Associate Professor Rie Yako Endovascular surgery, Cerebrovascular surgery
Assistant Professor Daisuke Izawa Endovascular surgery, Cerebrovascular surgery
Assistant Professor Takumi Kawaguchi Endovascular surgery, Cerebrovascular surgery
Assistant Professor Mitsunori Ozaki Functional neurosurgery, Spine surgery
Professor, Department of Nuring Yuji Uematsu Brain tumor surgery, Brain tumor pathology
Professor, Department of Community Medicine Masami Ueno Emergency medicine, Head trauma