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First Department of Internal Medicine



The first department of Medicine, Wakayama Medical University, aims at specializing in the field of diabetes, endocrinology, metabolic disorders as well as practicing general internal medicine. It is a great charm to practice internal medicine based on understanding patients' systemic conditions and their pathophysiology. In the field of research, we promote researches including several fields not only diabetes mellitus or thyroid disease,but physiological role of ghrelin(growth hormone secretagogue peptide), and survey of IgG4-related disease in national committee team.

Thyroid and Endocrinology

In 2012,Professor Akamizu and the Review Committee created new diagnostic criteria of thyroid crisis. In 2013, the 56th Japan Thyroid Association Annual Meeting was held in Wakayama City. We also launched specialized thyroid outpatient clinic and thyroid isotope treatment in Wakayama Medical University Hospital. In 2017,the 90th Japan Endocrine Society Annual Meeting is going to be held by our depatrmment. In the field of scientific research,we promote exploitation of antigen-specific therapy of thyroid ophthalmopathy by applicating HLA-DR and TSHR peptide,role of ghrelin which interferes obese and eating disorder and its induction of unknown molecules or how it adjusts appetite. Professor Akamizu is a representative of research project team to overcome diseases of hormonal receptor disorder which collaborates Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare,and also creating diagnostic criteria and clinical practice guidelines of IgG4-related thyroiditis.


We have been conducted researches about genetic cause of diabetes mellitus since long before, and former proffesor Kishio Nanjo first reported a family of abnormal insulin gene(Insulin Wakayama). Up to now, our department elucidated that amylin and PAX4 gene are related to the onset of diabetes, and now we are working to elucidate abnormality of a single gene, which said that MODY and neonatal diabetes. In addition, for the purpose of efficiency and clinical research,we are also working for the development of diabetes dedicated electronic medical record system.

Regional medical practice of internal medicine

For it is important to contribute regional medical practice,our department dispatches many doctors to hospitals around Wakayama prefecture. We regards it as an important mission to train physicians not only a wide range of knowledge, skills and insight,but having a high degree of expertise on endocrine and metabolism, diabetes mellitus.


1945 Wakayama Prefectural medical training school opened. Prof. Kimio Nanjo was appointed as the first professor of internal medicine.
1948 Wakayama Medical College opened. Prof. Ryuzo Iwatsuru was appointed as the second professor of Internal Medicine.
1961 Prof.Teruhiko Mizoguchi was appointed as the third professor of internal medicine.
Around 1969 Era of Campus dispute
1970 The department of internal medicine is a devided into 5 departments.
1974 Prof. Takashi Miyamura was appointed as the fourth professor of internal medicine,division of endocrinology.
1984 By the reform of the internal medicine lectureship system, Prof. Takashi Miyamura appointed as the professor of first department of medicine(fourth).
1989 Prof.Kishio Nanjo was appointed as the professor of first department of medicine (fifth)
1998 The new campus of medical college opened. Clinical section moves to new hospital in 1999
2010 Prof. Takashi Akamizu was appointed as the professor of first department of medicine(sixth)