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Haruyoshi Tanaka, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Wakayama Medical University
Wakayama City 6418509


Office: 81 73 447 2300 (4839)


probability theory, ergodic theory, thermodynamic formalism, symbolic dynamics, perturbation theory, fractal sets, iterated function systems.


·  Perturbation analysis in thermodynamics using matrix representations of Ruelle transfer operators, submitted, (2016). (arXiv)

·  Asymptotic perturbation of graph iterated function systems, Journal of Fractal Geometry, 3 (2016), 119--161.

·  An asymptotic analysis in thermodynamic formalism, Monatshefte für Mathematik, 164 (2011), 467-486.

·  Spectral properties of a class of generalized Ruelle operators, Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, 39 (2009), 181-205. (pdf)

·  (with Morita, T.), Singular perturbation of symbolic dynamics via thermodynamic formalism, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 28 (2008), 1261-1289.


·  On singular perturbation of symbolic dynamics with a finite number of transitive components, Bulletin of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Wakayama Medical University, 42 (2012), 1-20. Bulletin Paper

·  Doctoral's thesis:「ある種の一般化されたRuelle作用素のスペクトル的性質」 ( Spectral properties of a class of generalized Ruelle operators ), 広島大学, (2009).

·  Lecture (lectures at Wakayama Medical University)

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