The photograph shows CEMC1. The beam comes from the right side of this photograph. Each calorimeter consists of lead glass counters in an array of 21 columns by 24 rows. The lead glass counters used in this experiment were TF1-000 made at IHEP. The radiation length of the material is 2.50 cm, while the interaction length is 45.0 cm. The size of the counter is 3.81 X 3.81 X 45.0 cm^3 corresponding to 18 radiation length. The Cherenkov light from the lead glass was detected using a Russian made photomultiplier tube, PMT-84-3, with twelve stage Venetian blind dynodes. The photocathode is S-200 type of trialkali (Sb-K-Na-Cs) with the maximum sensitivity at 410 nm.

by Seiji Makino