Wakayama Medical University Guide to the International Exchange Center
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Message from the Center Chief

Message from the Director

センター長    Wakayama Medical University has been actively promoting international mutual exchange programs with overseas universities since 1986. We have established such program with Shandong University in China at first. After Center for International Relations was opened in 2006, the number of the universities that set the MOU of mutual exchange programs has been increased. Philosophy and Purpose of Center for International Relations are as follows. (1) Through the exchanges of information and students and staff with advanced institutions in the world, we intend to provide the local residents with the most advanced medical care, as well as to provide the students and staff with the chances to be exposed to the sites of cutting-edge medical practice and research. (2) Through taking on medical and healthcare students, researchers and technicians from developing countries (especially from Asian countries), and also through dispatching our medical and healthcare staff to those countries, we wish to support activities and contribute to raise the levels of healthcare in those areas. (3) Through collaboration with other local academic institutions and international exchange bodies, and also through further activation of our own international projects, we aim to help to promote "internationalization" across the entire Wakayama Prefecture. We welcome medical doctors, healthcare professionals, trainees, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students from foreign countries. Wakayama Medical University is located in Wakayama City near to Kansai International Airport. Our university and hospital play important roles as a leading medical center in Wakayama Prefecture. The Graduate School of Medicine Doctor’s Course is divided into three fields, Field of community and comprehensive medicine, Field of structural and functional biomedical sciences, and Field of organo-therapeutics and pathology. In addition to this regular 4-year Graduate Course, we have introduced a 2-year Master’s Course in medical sciences for pharmacists, clinical technicians, and other people who are interested in learning medical sciences and are working in medical fields. We also have Master’s Course and Doctor’s Course for health and nursing sciences. International cooperation provides us with an opportunity to learn and understand from each other. We hope you will come to Wakayama Medical University to further your knowledge and to make many new friends.

Director, Center for International Relations  Tomoyuki Kawamata, M.D., Ph.D.