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Department of Medical Informatics


Medical informatics is a rapidly developing subject that is not yet a mature field of study. However, there is no doubt that the application of engineering and information technology to medicine and health care in recent years has greatly changed the field of medicine. From a variety of standpoints, and with various motives, the informatization of medical treatment will continue to gather pace in the future. Recent years have also seen associated big changes in social ideas concerned with the use and management of treatment information and medical information.
Furthermore, the informatization of medical treatment is expanding from informatization within individual facilities to informatization involving regional collaboration in health care, and the planned computerization and use of health information obtained over the course of the life of citizens is expected to start in the near future.

Against this backdrop, the Department has adopted core themes including medical informatics, medical management science, and treatment information management science, and intends to embark on wide ranging research involving operation of hospital information systems and treatment records management at the University Hospital.

Main Research Themes

  1. Research into construction, operation, and evaluation of medical information systems
  2. Research into the development of techniques for evaluating operation management in hospitals
  3. Research into the situation of disclosure of medical information using the Internet
  4. Research into the situation and use of medical management of treatment information
  5. Research into the application of information technology to local health care collaborations