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Fourth Lecture of Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine)

代替テキストProfessor, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Takashi Akasaka

I was appointed to the post of the third professor of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine in June 1, 2005.

Since the first professor, Yoshiaki Masuyama took the position, followed by the second professor, Ichiro Nishio, our research room has played an important role in clinical practice, research, and education in the field of cardiovascular medicine with a focus on hypertension in Wakayama for more than 30 years.  I feel the heavy responsibility to take over the history of this research room.  Additionally, I greatly appreciate Wakayama Medical University for accepting me with a background in cardiovascular diseases, which is different from the specialization of the first and second professors, to respond to the needs of the times.

Generally speaking, a poorly qualified third generation completely destroys the foundation that has been established by the first generation with a great deal of effort.  I believe it is time that the true value of this research room is tested.

After I graduated from Wakayama Medical University in 1982, I received residency training at Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital and worked for the Cardiovascular Medicine Department of the hospital until 1999 except for the period of my study in England.  Since 1999, I have worked for the Cardiovascular Medicine Department of Kawasaki Medical University, and now I have come back to Wakayama after 23 years have passed since I graduated from this university.

Although I am a graduate of this university, I consider myself a newcomer.  I have constantly observed this school objectively from the viewpoint of an outside leading medical institute.  On the basis of such observation, I wish to contribute to the development of Wakayama Medical University, my old school, with sincere affection for it by presenting issues of a medical university and its hospital.